About Us and Check Out Our Portfolio!

Comfort Seal Insulation is family owned and operated. We are located in the heart of the hills in Kerrville, Texas.

C.S.I.'s mission is to focus on installing spray foam insulation products that not only encourage sustainable building, but also replace petroleum-based polyols with bio-renewable polyols and chemical blown agents with [safe] water. We help build structures that are safe, healthy, comfortable, energy efficient, environmentally responsible, economical and durable. Comfort Seal Insulation is committed to a product that is dependable and steadfast for future generations. Comfort Seal Insulation provides greener buildings with better performance and less environmental impact. 

Comfort Seal Insulation is Nationally certified for installation of the Energy Efficient Bio-renewable Foam Insulation. Comfort Seal Insulation differs from other spray foam installation companies by using Bio-renewable Insulation. Bio-renewable Insulation products are made by integrating natural soy and renewable ingredients, which allows them to reduce the amount of petroleum in our products! This allows us to create more environmentally-friendly products that support farmers and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

Comfort Seal Insulation (CSI) is an independent Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) installer.

  • CSI Foam uses only SPF certified installers on their jobs for the highest quality installation.

  • CSI Foam cares for their customers and their employees. We hold high regard to safety on the job site and safe operation of our equipment.

  • CSI Foam is operated by a RESNET Certified Inspector.

Rafters of the building envelope are typically sprayed to a nominal 5.5" in depth, filling the cavity. The walls are usually sprayed to a nominal 3.5" in depth depending on the structure of the building. Our crew then "shaves" the foam so it is ready for any covering you desire, such as sheetrock, paneling, metal or other material. Comfort Seal Insulation prides itself on leaving the jobsite clean and ready for the next construction stage.